‘The L keyword Generation Q’ S2E10 Recap: “might you make me shoot her?”

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The L Word Generation Q

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Season 2, Episode 10: Final Phone Call


We caused it to be on season finale.

This has been a crazy drive of U-Hauling and underpaying staff members. Dubious healing techniques and glamourised gaming.

Nonetheless, we hold watching.

I assume we’re still desperate to see ourselves on screen even if it contains no similarity to fact.


the guy event starts with an intervention for Finley.

This intervention will come in due to the fact 2nd worst intervention plotline in queer mass media record. The champion may be the eponymous

The Intervention

, guided by and featuring none other than

But I’m A Cheerleader!

‘s Clea Duvall, who’s in a commitment with the one and only Natasha Lyonne.

The Intervention

gains because it’s the whitest, bougiest thing you will actually withstand. Though Duvall’s

Happiest Period

comes near.

These are that movie, weren’t you during the Coburg drive-in assessment? I believe We noticed you truth be told there together with your relief greyhound.

Anyway, Finley’s input happens within her lounge place with Micah, Shane, Tess, Alice, not to mention, Sophie. In which happened to be all these people when Sophie ended up being phoning the cops?

The input is actually very managed, and that I’m again left wanting to know whether Micah is truly a therapist? Because really, he needs a vocation modification.

Everyone else informs Finley that they like the girl, then they begin telling their about some fancy ‘place’. Micah in the course of time blurts on “It is a rehab.” Alice will shell out the dough.

We question, if Alice are able this, why doesn’t she pay the lady team an income salary? It sure really does make existence simpler whenever you aren’t in poverty.

Finley refuses.

Later, Sophie smells alcoholic drinks on Finley’s breathing in the exact middle of the afternoon, so she departs for her mother’s destination.

We after that possess required ‘gay person partying too much at a nightclub’ scene. Often, this might entail a dungeon and some one clothed comically in “kink” use.

Having less dungeon scenes contained in this series is a genuine tragedy.


fter this partying, Finley realises she needs to visit rehab. She appears at Sophie’s mum’s location, and that’s a fairly weird proceed to tell the truth. Sophie pushes her toward hotel – What i’m saying is, rehab.

Finley’s standing out forward choosing whether to come in, and she looks back at Sophie who’s analyzing the girl like a puppy.

I am really serious; Sophie practically appears to be a puppy. One together with her little paws on screen and a “Pick me personally!” face.

Sidenote: adopt, don’t shop, queers!

Any time you recall, I predicted that show would finish with Finley taking walks into AA. I happened to be close-in that prediction, though We forgot this particular program has these types of a warped point of view on course that Finley is instead strolling into a resort.

As long as they actually desired to show exactly how queers cope with alcoholic drinks and various other medicines, the article authors will have Finley strolling into a queer help class. Alas, instead of having to pay all this lady employees an income wage, Alice delivers anyone to an incredibly expensive and economically exclusive rehabilitation establishment.

Great morals, partner.

As Finley teeters about edge of walking inside rehab with all the puppy searching on, the world slices away to – no rest – a world in which Dani and Gigi “Cheers!” with shots of obvious alcoholic drinks.

Had been that deliberate? Or will be the people therefore off touch which they failed to actually notice that jarring changeover?


ani and Gigi are now being couple-y over the course of your whole occurrence, though Gigi’s very controlling. Truthfully, the greater we see of the girl, the worse she seems to come to be.

The main story this week usually Dani is going to need to use the stand to protect the woman father. She is seated during the court, hearing as a lawyer reveals the medications from the woman father’s organization tend to be super addicting and possess lead to the death of 500,000 people.

The allegation is that her daddy realized they were truly addictive but buried the evidence. Dani begins to worry and foliage.

Outside the court, Gigi attempts to soothe Dani down. The lawyer happens, demanding that Dani use the stand, but Gigi yells at the girl and takes Dani out.

The vibrant between them is really remarkable.

Later, Dani informs her grandfather that she don’t grab the stand for him. She then visits satisfy Gigi’s household at a large meeting. Most people are thus great to her, which inturn appears contrary to the groups of the majority of queers i understand. But hey, maybe some individuals’s bio family members are good.

At meal, law enforcement show up and stop Dani for “criminal contempt of judge”.

Is even something? I did a fast Wikipedia look and, having executed this comprehensive investigation, in my opinion it’s simply called ‘contempt of judge’.

First of all, how did law enforcement look for Dani?

And a lot of importantly, I want to recommend some thing: the reason why Dani doesn’t want to take the stand is basically because she’s a spin physician.

The woman real task is to result in the medications that her father’s business sells ‘sellable’. The woman task is basically to bury proof of opioids getting addicting! When installing blame for your opioid crisis on someone, I reckon PR men and women are almost number one.

Dani does not want to make the stand because she understands that she actually is to blame. And, if she takes the stand, she either has to sell completely the woman daddy or confess her very own blame during the loss of 500,000 men and women.


I believe undertaking PR for an opioid company must be one of many worst jobs i have heard of. It really is in accordance with getting a cop, or doing work for a coal business.

Or being a real estate agent, like Gigi.


n to Tess and Shane, who had been simply a lot of this event.

Cast the mind back to the first

L Keyword

. Understand that a lot maligned plotline in which Shane and Jenny had been online dating? Keep in mind whenever Jenny used to call Shane “monkey”?


Well, that terror tv show doesn’t actually compare to Shane and Tess.

At one-point they truly are setting it up on, and Tess disrupts their fuck sesh to say that they should explore Finley. They hold smashing, and Shane states, “will you generate myself fire the girl?”

Because, after Finley has actually would not head to rehab, they’ve chosen that keeping Finley applied will evidently help this lady drinking(?!).

They truly are deadset writing on

firing somebody

while fucking. So is this exactly what employers froth over?

Frankly? End wage bondage and ruin the managerial system!

Next absolutely some sort of defectively engineered plotline which involves Tess having to go on to Las vegas, nevada be closer to her mummy. She asks Shane to maneuver with her.

But, er… Shane possesses a bar in l . a .? In all honesty, just who operates during this damn bar?

Which reminds me: whatever occurred to those awful casino poker evenings?

Anyway, Shane informs Tess that she really loves the girl. They are both unfortunate, and so they do not know what to do.

Check. I recently Googled “l . a . to Las Vegas”, and it’s just a four-hour drive.* Do these writers know any single thing about lesbians? For directly men and women, that is the comparable to residing the following suburb over.

Long distance is actually lesbian culture!

In the event that authors might like to do it correct, they need to at least create Tess move to another country. That would make for far more lesbian yearning montages.


inally, absolutely even more drama with Bette and Tina.

Carrie calls off her marriage with Tina. Pippa phone calls off the woman commitment with Bette (though perhaps not before we see Pippa in certain wonderful flannel).

It’s a tired storyline to tell the truth. That said, there is a unique minute by which Bette and Pippa happened to be fighting and both paused to put on lip gloss.

Not to kink shame, exactly what was that?

Their own last scene is Bette acquiring clothed to go to some orifice – I didn’t get just what it ended up being, the writing is actually loose – once she opens the doorway to go away, Tina can there be.

After over 15 years of suffering TiBette’s bullshit, I’m able to sturdily say:

Really don’t care and attention.

Oh, and finally, Alice has many defectively contrived tale about a poor review.

Referring nowhere in close proximity to rivalling the plotline of yesteryear regarding Jenny’s bad overview and dog-euthanasia-vagina-wig fiasco.

The episode stops along with her locating a ring in Tom’s pocket.



nd that, my queers, is about it.

I feel somewhat empty interior. Like used to do after that season with the original

L Keyword

which finished with Shane leaving Carmen at adjust and Helena Peabody’s mommy reducing her off.

We had been supposed to proper care that Helena ended up being today broke. However it was variety of challenging feel sorry for this type of a ruling class knobhead. A lot like just how tough it’s feeling sorry for an opioid spin physician.

If hardly anything else, let’s wish that then period we obtain one individual who truly portrays queer existence.

Or perhaps some assurance that Shane’s puppy is ok.

*After distributing this to my personal editor, I study
Xena Worrier Princess
‘s writeup on this week’s episode and in the morning very happy to report that she, also, Googled the distance between LA and Las Vegas. Fantastic gays believe as well.

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